Taylor County man falls in what he believes is a sinkhole

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Paul Harmon was cutting some limbs of a tree..with a chainsaw, when he suddenly felt himself falling.

“Thenext thing I knew I was in the ground,” said the Lebanon Rd. resident.

The ground beneath him was gone, and he was instantly eye level with grass.

"I was hanging. I wasn't on my feet, I was hanging like this, and I had recently seen stories in Florida about sinkholes and was thinking this is what is happening to me,” he said.

He didn't know how deep the hole was or how much further he could fall.

"Looking at it now, I was only a foot off the ground, but I didn't know that,” Harmon said.

The fall left him banged up with scratches and a swollen knee and he says he had trouble walking for several days. He says cracks in his driveway tell him the ground is unstable.

"I really don't have a fear of falling in (again), surely this is a one in a million thing,” he said.

Harmon has a pallet covering the hole now. He's not sure how he is going to permanently fix the problem, he says he's heard that dirt will wash away, so he's considering putting gravel in it.

He's heard rumors of a cave system that runs near his home on Lebanon Avenue but can't explain any other reason for the hole..other than a sinkhole.

"I mean I think it's natural but I'm not claiming it is. It could be a pipe in there that I can't see, I guess,” he said.

Harmon believes the sinkhole is at least 6 feet deep and several feet across.

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