Teacher grants wish of 8-year-old fire victim

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A special wish was granted for an eight-year-old who continues to recover after suffering serious burns in a fire two years ago.

On Saturday, one of her dreams came true thanks to her teacher.

On Friday, we told you about Jessica Pennington who continues to recover after more than 85% of her body was burned during a house fire in 2012.

As a way to celebrate her recovery, her teacher set up something special for her at the Opera House in Lexington.

Jessica Pennington and her teacher, Melissa Ewers-Haddix, got the chance to attend The Kentucky Ballet's performance of “Sleeping Beauty” free of charge.

Jessica says ballerinas and ballets are a few of her favorite things so you can only begin to imagine how excited she was when she was actually able to go backstage and meet the performers in person.

She also got to warm up with the dancers before the show and her teacher says overall, Saturday’s experience was an unforgettable opportunity for Jessica.

"My favorite part was all of it. The whole thing!" Jessica exclaimed after Saturday’s ballet.

"It’s a blessing. All of this meant as much as me as it did to her and so many people have helped her along the way but I’m just the one who got to do this with her, it’s great," said Melissa Ewers-Haddix, Jessica’s third grade teacher.

Saturday’s ballet was the second ballet Jessica has attended and she certainly hopes she'll get the chance to attend many more in the future.

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