Teacher saves student with CPR

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - He says he never thought he'd have to use it, but a physical education teacher is being credited with saving a student's life by using CPR.

School leaders at Royal Spring Middle School in Scott County say the student collapsed during class earlier this week. Now the teacher is talking to WKYT about how he jumped into action.

Physical Education teacher Salin Simpson graduated from college back in December. He's only been teaching at Royal Spring Middle School since February. Just this week, all his knowledge and everything he's learned about CPR came into practice when a student collapsed in class.

"We were just jogging a lap around the field while I was setting up cones to play ultimate Frisbee and half way through the first lap I hear students screaming. I look over and the student's lying there on the ground," Simpson explains, "in P.E. class all the time, kids fall down for different reasons, so I started to walk, but then as I got closer you could kinda tell something was more serious. I kinda stabilized the situation, got a hold of the emergency services. My mind went blank for a minute and then I kinda started to remember CPR."

He's known CPR for years, but never thought he'd have to use it, and now he's asking more people other than just teachers learn how.

"Since the incident, I've been contacted by people that I student taught with and people that I graduated with that are in the same profession and coaches and other teachers and they all want to know how to get certified."

The student is currently recovering at UK Hospital. Because of confidentiality agreements, the school will not release his name.

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