Teen arrested after causing gun scare

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. - A Georgetown teen is facing charges after using a BB gun to destroy property and kill a bird.

Police said that people living in the neighborhood near Georgetown Middle School notified officials as to what was happening. They were able to quickly arrest the teen -- before anyone was hurt.

The ninth grader was skipping school, and was seen walking along Louie B. Nunn Drive near Old Lemons Mill. Witnesses reported that the boy appeared to have a handgun, and was seen firing shots at birds.

Police said they called the middle school and warned them of potential danger, even as they took action to catch the young man. Even though the gun turned out to be a BB gun, police said it was still a dangerous situation.

"Had he not cooperated, dropped what he was carrying, and put his hands up---it could have been much much worse," Captain Robert Swanigan of the Georgetown Police Department explained.

The BB gun looks so similar to a police-issued weapon that Swanigan admits if the boy had pointed it at officers, they might have shot him.

"They have to do was is neccesary in order to protect themselves and others," he said.

The principal at Georgetown Middle School told WKYT that they had already begun the process of locking down the school when police made the arrest.

Police say they dealt with the boy on Thursday, after they say he used a different BB gun to shoot out the windows of a parked car on Hiawatha.

"We confiscated that BB gun. Less than 24 hours later, we're out with him today. He's got another BB Gun," Swanigan said.

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