Teen says man tried to lure her at Lexington bus stop

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Every morning, 16-year-old Brigette Shell catches her school bus near the intersection of Henry Clay Boulevard and Strader Drive. Monday morning, though, she said someone else stopped and tried to pick her up.

"He had eye contact the whole time he was turning and was going really, really slow," she said.

Over the past couple of weeks, she says a man in a tan pick-up truck has driven by and stared at her.

"It really makes me not want to go to my bus stop every morning. If people, anybody, older men like that stare at any teenage girl, it makes you really uncomfortable," she said.

Monday morning, she said that man tried to get her to walk over to his truck.

"He basically stopped and nodded his head for me to come here and that's when I turned around and walked the opposite way and back to the house. He took off right when he saw me walk away," Shell said.

Shell's mother, Barbara Durrum, says her daughter did exactly what she should.

"I always tell her don't talk to strangers. Don't ever talk to strangers. You never know who you're talking to and what kind of people they are, no matter what they look like," said Durrum.

Brigette says from now on, she'll be more cautious catching the bus in the mornings.

"She's no longer going to stand there by herself in the mornings. She's going to be closer to home where I can keep an eye on her. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to stand at the bus stop with her. Hopefully if he drives by, we can get his tag number," said Durrum.

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