Teenager killed in Russell County crash

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RUSSELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- A ride home from school took a tragic turn after a teenage passenger was killed while his brother was driving.

The crash happened Wednesday afternoon on Highway 1680 near Jamestown in Russell County.

The wreckage is gone and only a few scars on a tree and a few markings on the road show there was ever even a crash on Highway 1680 near Jamestown. However, those that saw the damage say they won't soon forget.

"Bad, just never forget the sound," said Amber Grant, a witness to the damage.

Russell County coroner, Larry Skaggs, added, "It was a pretty nasty wreck."

Skaggs said two brothers were heading home from school along the highway, when they went off the road and hit the tree. The impact killed 13-year-old Matthew Meredith in the passenger seat.

"It hit on the passenger side, on the side he was sitting. It was kind of wrapped around the tree. It was a pretty good sized tree," described Skaggs.

Kentucky State Police are working the crash, but they haven't released any details about what sent the brothers off the road. Skaggs could only say, the Mustang they were in was the only vehicle involved.

Grant was able to describe more.

"They were flying, there was a pickup truck ahead of them, they were racing down the road. As soon as I turned around, the red car hit into that tree over there."

The crash happened here, in front of Grant's home, and while she says she looked away just a moment before the car hit the tree, she didn't hesitate to run up and help. Once she got to the car, she realized there wasn't much that could be done.

"It was scary to see that young man, that little boy, just helpless," recalled Grant.

Skaggs said he pronounced the middle schooler dead at the scene around 4 central time, and he said the teen's family is really hurting.

"They're in shock, you know, you can imagine being told that your child is dead. It's nasty," stated Skaggs.

Grant said at the scene that Meredith's older brother was taking it especially hard, "The driver was hysterical."

Kentucky State Police say their investigation will continue as they interview other witnesses.

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