Temporary homeless shelter eases overcrowding

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Community Action Council isn't used to running a shelter, but that's what they and the Red Cross have been doing all weekend.

"It was so quick, but out staff jumped in together and did what we had to do to get it open," said Ka'Sondra Brown, a volunteer organizer at the Community Action Council.

Those who don't have a warm place to go are appreciative.

"Being homeless is kind of difficult, especially in the cold weather
I don't about the rest of these folks, but these last three days have been a blessing to me," said Benjamin Bond, who was taking shelter Sunday afternoon.

People who run some of the other shelters around town are thankful as well.

"It stops us from being so overcrowded that it's miserable for all of our folks. This is dignity. They're helping us maintain dignity and not be overcrowded," said Ginny Ramsey, of the Catholic Action Center.

They say the extreme cold weather has driven many more people to the shelters than usual, so their resources have been spread thin.

"That's the way it is. Even though we feel blessed to provide it, having someone oh this critical time take off some of that pressure on us is just a gift," Ramsey said.

Organizers say they've also been trying to help the people who come in sign up for healthcare or anything else that they need.

"You never know what a blessing or service you can be to someone until you her their story," Brown said.