Tesla supercharging station opens in Lexington; first in Kentucky

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The next time you're near Meijer in the Hamburg area of Lexington, check out the side parking lot near Man O' War Boulevard.

There you'll find stalls to charge a Tesla, an electric car. With the popularity of the company growing nationwide, the first super charging station has arrived in Lexington.

"I thought they were gas pumps," Harlee Damiani of Lexington said. "I've never seen them in my life."

According to Tesla Motors a supercharger can provide 150 miles of range in about 30 minutes as opposed to six hours of charging at home.

Retired UK professor John Glenney became the first Tesla model S owner to drive from New York to Los Angeles last year using only supercharging stations.

"It's easy to drive, it's like having an iPhone," Glenney said. "The technology is a little intimidating at first but as soon as you use it on a day to day basis you realize that this is going to be the future of transportation."

According to Tesla Motors there are more than 370 supercharger stations nationwide with more coming soon. Drivers don't even need to pay to charge; it's factored into the price of the car.

"Every time somebody comes through here going to Florida or going back from Florida they would stop in and grab a meal or go shopping or whatever they're going to do," Glenney said. "It can only be an economic benefit for the Lexington area."

The Model S retails at just over $69,000.

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