Battle over evidence continues in Madison Co. murder case

Angela & Jason Singleton
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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Christina Marcum's three recorded interviews with detectives back in 2011 were in question today. Kentucky State Police Detective Brian Reeder took the stand to give his testimony.

"Did you explain to Ms. Marcum that she was not in custody?" asked a prosecutor.

"Yes I did," responded Reeder.

"And is that recorded on the audio recording?" the prosecution continued.

"It is," said Reeder.

Later in the testimony Marcum's attorney cross examined.

"Detective Peters says?" asked the defense.

"Why are you scared?" read Reeder from the interview transcript.

"She says?" asked the defender.

"Because I'm sitting here talking to you. I know about this crime and didn't come forward before. I don't know my rights," read Reeder from the transcript.

"I don't know my rights," echoed the defender.

Marcum's attorneys contested the statements were inadmissible in part because of the method detectives used in the interview processes.

"You again recorded your encounter with her, correct?" asked the prosecution.

"Correct," responded Detective Reeder.

"Why did you do that?" the prosecutor asked.

"Just like I stated there earlier, just for documentary purposes. For the case, and just in case there was any statements made that would be relevant to the cases," Reeder said.

A short time later the defense asked, "Did you tell her it was being recorded?"

"In the past I had told her any contact that we had was gonna be recorded. I did not specifically tell her," said Detective Reeder.

"How did you record it, what was the device?" asked Marcum's attorney.

"It was a little digital recorder," responded Reeder.

"And where was it?" asked the defender.

"On my person," said Reeder.

"Where on your person?"

"In a pocket somewhere, I can't remember exactly," said Reeder.

Marcum along with Jason Singleton were charged last year with the murder of Jason Singleton's wife, Angela Singleton.

Both the defense and prosecution will issue written appeals to the judge within the next three weeks.

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