'The Big Bang Theory' actress visits Morehead State University

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - You saw her earlier Thursday on WKYT in the hit show 'The Big Bang Theory,' but a big crowd at Morehead State University saw Dr. Mayim Bialik in person on Thursday night.

She plays Amy Farrah Fowler on 'The Big Bang Theory,' but she's more than an actress. And on Thursday night, Dr. Bialik came to the Bluegrass with an important message as a part of the Presidential Lecture Series put on by the President's Performing Arts & Speakers Program at MSU.

With their tickets in advance, Morehead State University students impatiently waited for Dr. Bialik in the Johnson Arena of the Academic-Athletic Center.

"It's all really exciting," said Savannah Anderson, a sophomore at Morehead State University.

Some simply know her from the CBS show 'The Big Bang Theory,' which generated most of the crowd. 3,300 tickets were sold to Thursday night's event starring Dr. Bialik.

"I thought it was awesome that there is actually an actress that is in neuroscience with a degree," said Kimberly Howard, MSU sophomore.

Dr. Bialik has a doctorate in neuroscience and Hebrew and Jewish studies. Her academic background also drew in a different crowd of students.

"She's a huge inspiration, not only because she's a huge actress, but because she's a neuroscientist and my dad had a brain tumor when I was in the fifth grade, so her working in that field is a big deal," said Anderson.

And honestly, Dr. Bialik says she'd rather not just be known as Amy Farrah Fowler although she says there's a lesson to be learned from that show.

"You can be part of an exciting life even if you're a nerd," said Dr. Bialik. "All of the other actors on 'The Big Bang Theory' are no scientists and don't have science degrees. It's not necessary to have that in order to play a scientist."

But she's an actual scientist and had other things to offer the crowd at MSU.

"What role education played in my development as a person and kind of trying to take some of the focus off of that shiny show business interest," said Dr. Bialik.

Among many topics was her family's history, practicing Judaism, flip flopping between Hollywood, academics, and her kids and what she thinks about our old Kentucky home.

"Trees and the snow!" said Dr. Bialik. "And I know if I lived here I'd get tired of it, but I think it's beautiful."

You might also know Dr. Bialik from the 90s television series 'Blossom.' She's been nominated twice for an Emmy and nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

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