The Lexington Humane society celebrates "Adopt A Cat Month"

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-The cages at the Lexington Humane Society are full of adoptable cats ready to be taken into your home.

Folks here are celebrating "Adopt A Cat Month" with specials along with taking in record numbers of cats and kittens.

"It is kitten season," explained the organization's president, Susan Malcomb, as she wrestled a small black kitten. "Shelters nationally get inundated with felines during the spring and summer months," she continued.

Malcomb says nationally cats- not dogs- are the number one companion animal in the U. S. She says now is a great time to make adoption your best option.

"First think people think of are getting a dog, but cats provide a great opportunity for companionship without as much responsibility. Kids are out of school; it's a great time to acclimate an animal into your home."

The Lexington Humane Society boasts a 96-percent save rate. There's no time limit on any animal. Folks working at the shelter have gotten to know one cat, Juicy-Juice, well because she's marking her two-year anniversary at the shelter in just a few weeks.

Malcomb says it's completely thanks to the community and donors that they can offer cats for just five dollars.

"It is because of the community's commitment that we can offer this great value and save these animals' lives."

All adult cats at the adoption satellite center in the Petsmart in Hamburg are available for $5. There are lots of other specials offered at the shelter on Old Frankfort Pike.

For more information, call 859-233-0044 or visit

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