The heat keeps coming

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The run with the 90s keeps on coming! The high at the airport ended up reaching the 90 degree mark on Monday. I think we'll do it again today. With the humidity levels staying pretty high it will be extremely uncomfortable during the afternoon and evening hours. It's a very unpleasant feel in the air outside.

The only chance of seeing some relief comes from the stray showers or storms that develop. The odds of getting a few to fire up will remain on the low side again today. That doesn't mean that we won't see a few fire up, it just means the chances are a little lower today.

The heat index for most of us will again feel somewhere between 90 and 95. That's exactly where it ended up on Monday evening.

Better chances of showers and storms will sweep into the area towards the end of the week and especially this weekend. An actual front will drop in on the area. Anytime you can get that to happen during a set-up like this... you can expect a better chance of showers and storms. There is also some "cooler" air situated immediately behind this system. Ultimately, highs will fall from the upper 80s and low 90s back to around normal.

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