Theft suspect says he stole to feed drug habit

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - James Watts IV says he's been plagued by an addiction to pain pills for years. He says it was that addiction that led him to steal from a high school student.

"There's definitely no justification involved. It is what it is, I'm a drug addict," Watts said Tuesday afternoon from jail.

He was arrested the day before and charged with third degree burglary. Lexington Police say he went to the Bluegrass Baptist School and told a coach there he was hired to repair the lights, then entered a locker room and stole a cell phone.

"I knew the layout of the school, I went in the gym and BS'd the coach that was in there, and got a phone," Watts said.

Watts says he attended Bluegrass Baptist, and enjoyed his time there. After high school Watts worked as an EMT and eventually joined the military.

"I hurt my back on a PLF, parachute landing fall, and got prescribed oxycodone," Watts said.

Police suspect Watts in several other burglaries in and around Lexington. Recently, video of a man going into bars and restaurants and telling the staff he worked for a beer distributor was released to the public. Watts says he was the man in that video and he used his knowledge as a bartender to get access behind the bar.

"To all the people that (there) phones were gone, I apologize, I never mean to hurt anybody.

Watts has been charged with theft before. He says he hopes this is the last time.

"I think 'Where's my success gone? Where's my life and happy family?' I had it all and just threw it away man, without a second thought," Watts said.

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