Theft suspect wrecks trying to flee with son in tow

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Franklin County sheriffs deputies say it was a bizarre coincidence that led to a wreck on Bald Knob Road. Franklin County Sheriff's deputies say workers at a construction company realized some wheels were missing from their lawnmowers, so they sent someone to check a scrapyard just in case someone tried to recycle them.

"He went over there to look for some of their salvage stuff that had been stolen. It just so happened that Mr. Tabor drove in with the stuff in the back of his truck. When Mr. Tabor got approached about the wheel, he jumped in his truck and sped away," said Deputy David Rutledge of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. He said Sonny Tabor wasn't alone.

"One witness told me he had a little boy standing up in the floorboard of his truck, looking out the passenger window," said Rutledge.

Eventually they say Tabor lost control of his pickup truck and crashed. They say Tabor was ejected, somehow, the little boy escaped injury.

"Just minor scrapes and bruises. He was more fortunate than his father," said Rutledge.

Tabor's family members said they don't believe he stole anything and that the boy did have his seatbelt on. They said Tabor unbuckled him after the wreck. Either way, Deputy Rutledge said something special kept that boy from being hurt.

"I just say the Good Lord was looking over him. You know? That's all it could be," said Rutledge.

Family members tell me Tabor's got serious leg injuries from the crash and faces several more surgeries. He's charged with receiving stolen property and wanton endangerment.