Thieves target traffic light making commute dangerous

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-He says when he realized it was his light, a Lexington contractor feared for the lives of all drivers.

"I think anybody better think twice before disabling a stoplight," Bob Lail explained.

Lail's company started the construction project along Bryan Station Road at the I-75 overpass Monday. He says he and Department of Highways Officials made sure all systems were go and the temporary lights were working when he left the site. He says he was shocked to learn Lexington Police Officers had to put the pedal to the metal to direct traffic there Tuesday morning after someone gave themselves the green light to steal parts.

"We just can't have this stuff. Somebody is going to get seriously hurt."

While Lail works to keep the temporary lights and their parts more secure, he says he's forced to wonder if the people responsible for for stealing parts there are the same ones caught on tape stealing equipment recently.

"I do feel like whoever took my machine lives around here."

Lail says his security camera caught these guys grabbing the small riding machine just a few weeks ago. He says at least in this theft, no lives were in danger.

"Fooling with a stoplight is a very dangerous thing. "

Lail says he's looking for ways to add surveillance to all angles of all his projects.

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