Thief steals from police officer

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Law enforcement officers throughout Madison County are investigating multiple trailer thefts and the latest victim is a Richmond Police Officer.

"Who was working during the day. He came after his shift and his trailer is missing," says Deputy Willard Reardon, with the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Reardon says it happened between 1 and 2:15 Monday afternoon on Cleburne Drive in Battlefield Park.

"This was pretty brave on their part because it's in a neighborhood that has a lot of houses, a lot of people in and out, and to do it right in the middle of the day," says Reardon.

A neighbor of the officer caught a picture of a vehicle getting away with the trailer. The vehicle is described as a red, GMC, truck, with tinted windows.

"Unfortunately with trailer cases, it's very hard to realize someone is taking it because we see trailer's all the time being pulled," says Reardon.

Also on Monday, Berea Police received a report about another trailer theft down the road from the officer's home. It happened on Herndon Lane. Berea Police say it is the second trailer theft in two weeks.

"Our deputies have been in contact with Berea as early as this morning to see if the cases are related or if there is some connection there," says Reardon.

With a trailer thief out there, Deputy Willard Reardon with the Madison County Sheriff's Office says now is a good time to write down the identifiers of your valuables.

"Without a VIN number or identifiers, it makes it harder for us to put it in the computer as stolen and it makes it harder to find those items later," Reardon says.

Lexington Police are also looking into the possibility of some thefts in Lexington being connected to some in Madison County.

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