Police search for thieves who caused thousands in damage

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in Anderson County are searching for the people responsible for a break-in that cost a gas station thousands of dollars. Unlike similar cases they've seen where people have carried off or destroyed ATMs while trying to get to the money inside police say whoever committed this burglary knew exactly what they were doing.

Saturday morning Jack Patel's wife called him after she came to open the 4 Way Stop N Go.

"The door is busted and everything," Patel said.

Glass from both front doors was spread through the store. Police say the thieves went straight for the money.

"They used a specialty tool to gain access to the ATM, and several thousands of dollars in cash was taken from the ATM and also from the store itself," said Det. Bryan Taylor with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office.

Jack Patel says they also opened the store's safe, took cigarettes and even ripped out their surveillance system.

Detective Taylor says a crime like this one couldn't have been pulled off by an amateur criminal. He also says similar crimes have been reported in Owensboro and London.

"Because they also have similar type burglaries," Taylor said. "We're all putting our heads together and cases together to try to establish maybe a pattern."

Taylor says the crime cost the store tens of thousands of dollars.

"Between the criminal mischief and the actual theft we're looking at around $75,000," Taylor said.

Patel says the store does have insurance but until that money comes in they're having to pay for all the repairs out of pocket.
The Anderson County Sheriff's Office is offering a reward for information leading to the burglars.

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