15 smash & grab burglaries may be connected in Richmond

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police in Richmond are investigating an early-morning break-in at a convenience store near the Eastern Kentucky University campus.

The crime, described as a smash-and-grab, happened around 2:30 Thursday morning at the College Food Mart on Lancaster Avenue.
The thieves destroyed the glass in the front door before making off with items from inside.

Police responded and barricaded off the scene, restoring power and replacing the broken window pane with a sheet of plywood.

Recently, Richmond has seen a number of these break-ins. Major Bob Mott with Richmond Police told WKYT they are investigating 15 break-ins total that have occured since mid-February.

Police are working with limited suspect description at this point. They do say a silver Geo was seen near the College Food Mart around the time of last night's burglary. Also, a stocky white man with no facial hair thought to be in his 20's or 30's was seen walking away from the food mart.

The owner of Ron's Auto Service told our crews he saw a silver, early 90's Ford Ranger extended cab near his business shortly after the damage had been done.

"Didn't find anything missing but a little money tray, probably done a thousand dollars in damage trying to get in," Ronnie Gross said.

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