Thieves steal a purse with something special inside from a local hospital

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Krissie Reffner waited at Baptist Health Lexington Hospital while her husband, Bobby went into surgery.

"I had just sat down and my mother-in-law and I had breakfast. We were heading back to the room where Bobby was when I got up, I forgot to get my purse. I walked off and left it," says Reffner.

When Reffner went to retrieve her purse, she says a hospital employee told her she gave it to someone else.

"There must have been a lady that stepped forward and said that she knew who the purse belonged too and would return it to me. But she didn't know me," Reffner says.

Lexington police believe these two women caught on surveillance camera inside the hospital worked together to steal the purse.

Reffner says the thieves used her debit card, had her car key, and her cellphone. But it's what else was inside the purse she is missing the most, "The biggest thing for us is his wedding band was in the purse. He had to remove it because of his surgical procedure. And we want that back."

Police believe the crooks left the hospital in U-Haul. Reffner hopes they'll have a change of heart and return her husbands ring.

She also wants to encourage people to ask for identification before handing over someone else's property. "If that had happened, then I wouldn't lost my purse," Reffner adds.

Reffner tells WKYT that her husband is a doctor. She wants to make sure his patients and friends know that he is doing well after his surgery.

Lexington police ask anyone with information to contact them.

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