Thieves steal from two Danville churches

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - They left a huge mess behind. WKYT is tracking a crime alert - burglars broke into a Central Kentucky building and stole from two churches inside.

It happened along N. 3rd Street in Danville in a building leased by the city's mayor. The historic building has been a downtown fixture for almost 150 years, but what happened last weekend there was truly a first.

"They just opened a window up and came in a window," explains Mayor Bernie Hunstad of the thieves who broke in, "they knew nobody would be here and they might have thought there was valuables. The audio visual equipment was probably the number one thing they came for."

Mayor Hunstad says they took a projector and microphone from the church in the lower portion of the building. The thieves stole a computer unit, microphone cords, and a silver plate from the second church in the building.

"They went through every room in the building and the damage they did, they kicked in the door to Helping Hands. And they may have thought there might have been money there," says Mayor Hunstad.

The mayor estimates the thieves got away with equipment valued between $600 and $1,000.

Church members spent Saturday morning cleaning up Pepsi cans and popcorn thieves left behind.

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