Thieves target grocery shoppers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) We have an alert for Lexington residents after police say thieves could be targeting you.

Lexington Police say wallets have recently been stolen from shoppers at grocery stores in the city.

Police say in the past week alone, they've received reports of at least two robberies at Kroger grocery stores in town.

Police also say both victims have been women who didn't even realize they'd been robbed until a little later.

As surveillance video shows, it only took a matter of seconds for the thief to sneak up, steal her wallet and scurry away.

“He reaches in her purse and steals it and she doesn't even know what happened, she didn't realize what was stolen until she goes to buy her groceries,” said Sgt. Eric Hobson with Lexington Police.

But police say this snatch-and-grab suspect wasn't working alone.

“We believe the male was the one stealing wallets and driving the car and the female was using the money to buy gift cards,” Hobson said.

After the robbery, police say the couple took the stolen credit cards to nearby Rite Aids where they purchased thousands of dollars worth of gift cards.

The suspects were eventually turned away but not before making a big dent in someone else's bank account.

“We’re talking thousands of dollars charged to these credit cards.”

Some witnesses told police that the suspects left the scene in a newer model Ford Explorer.

Sergeant Eric Hobson hopes this will be a warning for all because he says during this time of year robberies are on the rise.

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