$150,000 worth of Rolex's stolen inside busy Lexington Convention Center

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - $150,000 worth of fine jewelry was stolen from a Lexington store this afternoon and now police need your help finding the men who did it.

On Saturday, the foot traffic was heavier than usual at the Lexington Convention Center due to the Boys Sweet 16 Tournament, which is why employees at Shelia Bayes were even more surprised with what happened during that time period.

“It’s definitely something that’s going to haunt me, you just never think it’s going to be you,” one of the store employees said.

“It’s definitely a fine jewelry stores worst nightmare,” said another. Both employees request that we do not release their names.

The jewelry store nightmare happened in broad daylight around 2:00 Saturday afternoon.

“I was standing up at the desk and two men walked in and didn’t make eye contact at all. It happened very fast and they came in with a sledgehammer and started immediately busting through our most expensive Rolex case,” said one of the employees at the Shelia Bayes.

We’re told it only took the two men about 30 seconds to steal $150,000 dollars worth of Rolex watches out of the display case.

“The suspects are being described as two male blacks. One was dressed in a gray sweatshirt and black jeans and the other was wearing dark jeans and a red jacket with white writing,” said Lt. Eddie Hart with Lexington Police.

Police say after that, the suspects ran out of the convention center and hopped into a getaway van on Vine Street without being caught. The van they were last seen getting into is a dark colored 2001 or 2002 model.

Police say one of the reasons the suspects were able to get away is because of all the commotion that was already going on in the Lexington Convention Center that day.

“You’re in a popular place with a lot of people around and a lot of excitement going on so they may have just blended into the crowd as they left,” Lt. Eddie Hart said.

A week's worth of the store's surveillance video is now being reviewed to see if these men previously scoped out the store and the Rolex’s before the robbery.

The owner of the jewelry store says in the past 20 years of business, she's never had anything like this happen.

At this time, police aren't sure if the suspects live in Lexington or if they traveled from another city.

If you have any information about the robbery or the suspects, you're asked to call Lexington police.

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