Burglars crash car into gun store

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It's brazen crime, caught on tape.

Burglars used a car to drive through a Lexington gun shop, taking thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

The criminals struck around 2:30 a.m. Thursday at Sling Point Firearms on East New Circle Road, near Meadow Lane, in Lexington.

The thieves also caused thousands of dollars in damage.

The owner of the store lives out of town, but he called a manager in Lexington, who was able to see surveillance from the store on his cell phone, while everything was happening.

"I pull up my phone, and there's a car, in the middle of our store," Sling Point sales manager Jason Randall said.

A blue PT cruiser, which police say was stolen Wednesday, came crashing through the front of the store.

Surveillance video then shows three people getting out of the car. One of them took a rifle and ran off. A second person then grabbed a few pistols from the floor, then ran off.

Finally, the driver took two AR-15's from the wall, before running off too.

"They all three ran out with about $3,000 worth of guns," Randall said. "The car went about 20 feet into the store, and there's about a 10 foot skid mark where it looks like they had trouble stopping once they entered the store."

In all, store officials say the burglars took three rifles and five pistols. Police recovered one of the rifles and one pistol near the store.

The damage does not sit well with Randall, who says the store's employees are hard workers trying to operate a small three man shop.

"It's a disgusting feeling in the pit of your stomach... I put in 40 plus hours a week here," said Randall. "This is one of the jobs where I work, and this is your payback."

Store employees now estimate the total damage, including the cost of the stolen firearms, to be more than $36,000.

The owner of the store is Scott Bond. He is the husband of former Miss Kentucky Latina, Daniela Gaskie.

Wednesday, Gaskie pleaded guilty to assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct charges.

Richmond Police say Gaskie stabbed a gas station attendant with a pen then beat up a pharmacist.

A judge sentenced her to 180 days of home incarceration.

Police are also looking into the possibility the gun store burglary may be connected to another overnight break-in nearby.

Burglars struck Trailblazers Auto & Truck Accessories on New Circle Road, just a few minutes after the break-in at the gun shop.

The crime was also caught on tape.

The owner tells 27 NEWSFIRST the burglars got away with nearly $4,000 worth of stereo amplifiers.

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