Third-graders caught with weapons at Campbellsville school

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CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. - Some parents said their children are afraid to go to school after two third grade classmate brought weapons to school.

It happened Friday afternoon at Campbellsville Elementary School. Police say the nine-year-old students were detained after a loaded .38-caliber revolver and a folding knife were found in their backpacks.
Police said both students brought the weapons from home, but don't believe they intended to hurt anyone at their school. Campbellsville Independent Schools Superintendent Mike Deaton said the children told police they needed the weapons for protection.

"The kids were going to take the weapons, they were going attempt to skip school in the afternoon and they needed those things for protection after they left school," said Deaton.

Concerned parents attended the school board meeting on Monday night. Some said they were unhappy with when they were notified about the situation. They say a phone call came from school leaders about five hours after the incident was first reported to police.

"Somebody, once everything got handled and that gun was secure, why didn't someone call the parents of the kids in that classroom and say something?" said Webster.

Another concerned parent voiced, "it's not every day you have your eight-year-old tell you something like this happened and that they are afraid to go to school."

Deaton said that's because of the police investigation unfolding at the time.

"We'll sit down with the local law enforcement as well. We'll talk with the folks in our building and look at it. If there's something that needs to be tweaked we'll look into that," said Deaton.

Both students are currently suspended and could face expulsion.

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