Thousands of dollars worth of boy scout popcorn stolen

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MT. STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - Police want to find the people who stole from a group of boy scouts.

Someone took off with a trailer full of popcorn for a boy scout troop's fundraiser in Montgomery County.

Uncovering a stolen truck is not anything new for law enforcement, but in this case, what was found in the truck is what made this find a big one.

"The truck is also suspected in the involvement of a stolen trailer. The stolen trailer had a bunch of popcorn from the boy scouts," said Det. Mark Collier, with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

A bunch is an understatement for this boy scout troop.

The trailer was filled with nearly 5,000 dollars worth of the buttery snack.

"We worked really hard. We had to use all that money and sell all that popcorn. And whenever we figured out that it was all stolen, that was like we didn't have an opportunity to sell anymore popcorn," said Kaleb Pearson, a boy scout.

They were selling it to fund scout camp and other activities for the troop.

But now they owe money and their customers popcorn.

Some was found by police, but the troop says it cannot be resold, not knowing if it has been tampered with.

One of the troop leaders says he just cannot believe it's gone.

"I saw it last night at about eight o'clock. I actually mowed around it in my yard before we went in for the night. I came back out to work this morning, and it was gone," said Chad Jones, who is an assistant troop leader.

One arrest has been made in this case, but police say the other suspect got away.

Police are not yet releasing the arrested suspect's name and tell us they are working on other leads in the case.

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