Thousands of stolen shoes found in Hardin Co

HARDIN CO, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands of pairs of stolen Nike shoes have turned up in Kentucky, five years after police say they were reported missing.

Two women in Hardin County were selling the shoes for $5 a pair, but they say they had no idea the shoes had been stolen.

Radcliff police say they found the shoes in front of a home yesterday.

The two women told police that they got the shoes from someone in Casey County.

"Apparently Nike had called and contacted them and the shoes were stolen, and they had been stolen since 2009, and there were three million dollars worth of shoes in my front yard. They confiscated all of them," said Zetta Thompson, who was selling the shoes.

According to a search warrant, Nike Security confirmed the shoes' shipping label matched their products. Some of the shoes still had tags on them.

The shoes were supposed to be shipped from a Nike distribution center in Tennessee and to another in Texas.

The two women in Hardin County have not been charged in connection to this case.

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