Thousands to be welcomed, counterfeiters not at Mount Sterling Court Days

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MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - To call Court Days in Mount Sterling just another festival would be a bit of an undersell.

"It is quite the task. We have 210 spots, roughly, and we have 206 rented," said organizer Steven Tuttle, adding that's in just the City's lot and not including other spaces sold by companies.

As everyone spent the day setting up and preparing for the masses coming their way, you could quickly find the festival staples like funnel cakes, frozen lemonades, and of course Ale 8.

However, what you won't find this year is counterfeit merchandise, like the fake North Face jackets confiscated last year by police.

"The Mount Sterling Police Department was very proactive in that. They are eliminating people who rented and sold those items before," answered Tuttle, saying those vendors aren't allowed back.

"Once we've been burnt we don't rent to the people we've been burnt by," he said.

It's not just police and organizers that are glad to get the illegal knockoffs out of Court Days. Even other vendors say it's nice knowing that stuff is being watched for.

"Get that stuff out, give me room to make that money," said Steve Mace, who travels around selling socks and other clothing items.

Mace said he's been a regular at the Court Days in Mount Sterling for the last 16 years, and he's seen the counterfeit merchandise at nearly every event he sells at.

"It's everywhere, not just here."

Mace said he watched last year as police seized a man's stand for selling the illegal knockoffs, and he expects the same level of attention again this year.

"They'll be watching, I'm sure. I hope they are. They came through here regularly last year, you know."

"We don't look for that to happen again but if it does we're going to take care of it and deal with it quickly because we don't want that here at Court Days," added Tuttle.

This festival has a long standing history and everyone hopes last year's counterfeit sellers are just a tiny bump in an otherwise proud tradition.

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