Bardstown Police Chief has stern words for person making threats

Jason Ellis Bardstown Police Department
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BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Bardstown Police Officers are still mourning Officer Jason Ellis after the nightime ambush slaying along a Nelson County interstate. Now, they all have the added stress of additional threats.

The FBI is investigating a letter sent to the Bardstown Police Department, threatening the lives of other officers.

The letter arrived last Thursday. Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin that the letter was addressed to him, but he would not elaborate on the threat. He also told them he's received a threatening phone call in recent days.

"My gut says it's all BS," McCubbin said with a stern look on his face. But again, we aren't going to take any chances.

We contacted the FBI as well as state Kentucky State Police. Neither agency would say on how many questionable items have arrived at the Bardstown Police Department, saying they did not want to compromise the integrity of the investigation.

Kentucky State Police are still investigating the killing of Officer Ellis. Officials say someone placed tree limbs on an exit ramp off the Blue Grass Parkway in May and shot Ellis multiple times when he stopped to remove the debris. The belief right now is he was targeted.

Bardstown officials tell us the letter, saying more deaths would come, arrived Thursday at the Police Department. But, they say it did not target any officer.

"I think it's somebody, sitting at home, that's half nuts and the other half is high on drugs; dreaming it up, wishing it would happen," McCubbin said. "I don't believe anything will come from it."

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