Three EKU students win study abroad scholarships

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - "My dad, if he sees this, is going to be like 'no way, Germany? Really?'" says Brenna Rowan, a sophomore at EKU.

268 Eastern Kentucky University students registered to win one of three full ride scholarships to study abroad. But only three had the chance to "spin the wheel" and find out where they'll spend their summer.

The three winners could study in Greece, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Tanzania or France. It all depends on which country they land on.

Each of the destinations cost about $8,000. A price that university officials say is one they're glad to pay to further a student's education.

"Well it definitely gives them a leg up in a job interview, or even on a resume, because once they study abroad they become pretty much in the top two percent of students across America that have ever done anything international," says Bill Holmes, EKU Director of International Education. "Right there alone, that's good for them just to help them in the job market."

All three students will study abroad in their chosen country this summer. Two of the students will head to Greece this summer, the other will go to Germany.

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