Three Fleming County students are arrested on drug charges

FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Three Kentucky students face charges after police say they admitted to getting high, at school.

Police arrested the three 18-year-old's at Fleming County High School yesterday.

School officials tell us this is the second drug related issue the school has had to deal with lately. Now, they've come up with a plan to stop the problem.

School leader in Fleming county say it's been a pretty tough week. Not only was a school trip disrupted over the weekend by some students suspected of bringing drugs, but yesterday three students were arrested at the high school under the similar circumstances.

A group of seniors from Fleming County High School made their way to New York last week for their senior trip. The superintendent says while on that trip chaperons discovered illegal substances during a room search.

The sheriff says that alcohol and marijuana were found in the room. The students involved were kept under watch while the other seniors continued their trip.

The school is handling the disciplinary action in that case, but yesterday the sheriffs department got involved in a separate incident.

The school resource officer was called after a student went missing from class. When he found that student, police say he was high, and once questioned, admitted to smoking marijuana.

Sheriff Scotty Royse says, "He had confessed and turned some marijuana over to them."

Police say three 18-year-old students were arrested after it was discovered all three we're smoking pot in the parking lot.

Desmond McAdams was charged with possession of marijuana and Justin Elliot was charged with possession of drug paraphanelia. Jared stewart was also arrested. He was charged with public intoxication, along with McAdams and Elliot.

Royse says, "We want our campuses to be safe, with everything that's going on through the nation, with all the schools and school situations, we want to make our campuses as safe as we can."

The superintendent says while all of the the students involved are being punished, the school is also working to refer them to counseling, so they can get treatment.

Sheriff Royse says this is an ongoing investigation and more students could be charged.

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