Three arrested in Williamsburg home invasion

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Police were called to Mt. Morgan apartments early Wednesday morning. Jordan Ball says he woke up after his brother, Jacob opened the door to neighbors he thought needed help.

"I heard him screaming. I jumped out of bed, had a guy put a knife to my throat," said Jordan Ball.

The brothers said they were beaten and felt like hostages in their own homes.

"They held us there for two hours, continued beating, and asking us where we had money and valuable items," said Ball.

But they escaped and found help with police, who say the intruders were found back at their apartment.

"Barricaded themselves back in the apartments for 45 minutes. When they made entry, they took all three into custody," said Williamsburg Chief Wayne Bird.

But police say two of the suspects, Melvin Hill and Lucas Canada were so badly intoxicated they could not be taken to jail. So they were cited, taken to the hospital, treated and later released.

"We started receiving reports that the two cited, released from the hospital, had returned to the are where the victims lived," said Bird.

Warrants were issued for Hill and Lucas who were arrested Thursday afternoon.

And taken to jail. Police say they're still trying to figure out what the motivation for the crime was.

"We have reason to believe that there is more to the story as to what the altercation was over," said Bird.

They believe drug use was to blame and say a grand jury will be asked to look into it as well.

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