Three juveniles arrested vandalizing Madison Co. church

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Justin Alexander first saw the graffiti late one night over the weekend near his home close to the Red Lick Rd./Abney Rd. intersection in southern Madison Co.

“Some rude paintings on the road….and on the mailbox,” he said.

The next morning he discovered the mischief was more than just a few bad words, the worst of it on Red Lick Baptist Church.

“Woke up and came over here and looked. It was a disaster. They hit every part of the church. They hit every door. Hours and hours of cleaning,” he said.

Police say there were at least eight different victims, with most of the graffiti on homes, much of it too disturbing to show on television.

“Very anti-religion, pro-drugs,” Alexander said.

Police say their investigation led them to three juveniles who were arrested.

“They’ve been charged with criminal mischief, second degree, so in between $500 and $1,000 range,”
KSP Trooper Robert Purdy said of the damages they caused.

Police are not saying much about the subjects, not even saying their ages, only to say that there’s two girls and one boy.

No word on the punishment the three might face, either.

“At the very least have to clean up their mess,” said Alexander.

Alexander says he knows one of the subjects and has a suspicion on a possible motive for the mischief.

“From what I understand one is an atheist or at least thinks he is. Maybe they are just bored,” said Alexander.

But the victims say they want to make sure the three are really busy now, cleaning up the massive mess they caused.

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