Three men lost for hours while canoeing in central Kentucky

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GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) For hours, they had no idea where they were. Three men got lost while canoeing on a central Kentucky river after the sun set.

It was around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday when three men decided to go canoeing on Dix River in Garrard County but about an hour later, when it got dark, they realized that they were completely lost.

After traveling two and a half miles down the river, Jason Browning and two others soon realized the farther they went, the less familiar their surroundings became.

“It got dark and we didn’t have a light and didn’t know how to get out of there. We were in the thicket and it was bad,” Jason Browning explained to us.

Even though Browning didn't bring much with him on the river, “I only had this shirt on and a pair of boots,” he did remember to pocket one very important item.

“I had my cell phone and my GPS and actually that’s how they found me. They tracked me by my GPS on my phone.”

Dispatchers stayed in contact with him as emergency management officials searched the area and a few hours after the first call was made, help arrived.

“If it wasn’t for the firefighters we would’ve still been out there. If you go canoeing, make sure you have lights, food and something to stay warm with and just don’t get lost like I did whatever you do, please.”

The three men involved in the incident did not suffer injuries.

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