Three-million customers victim of Michaels security breach

NEW YORK (CNN) - After it warned a few months ago that it might've been the victim of a hack, crafts chain Michaels now knows more about the hack into its systems earlier this year.

The chain says the security breach lasted eight months and affected about three million customers.

Some shoppers credit and debit card numbers were compromised, but Michaels says there's nothing to indicate that names or pin numbers were stolen.

The exact dates of the breach: May 8, 2013, to January 27 of this year.

It affected about seven percent of transactions in that time.

The good news from the chain is not all stores were hit and only a "limited number" of cards were used fraudulently afterward.

"We want you to know we have identified and fully contained the incident, and we can assure you the malware no longer presents a threat to customers," the company wrote in a statement.

Though the breach lasted a long time and when you look at the number of shoppers impacted, it pales in comparison to the one at Target at the end of last year.

The Target attack affected as many as 110-million customers at the height of the holiday shopping season.

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