Three people arrested in connection to dozens of Boyle County burglaries

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in Boyle County say they've had some long nights while working to catch burglars who have hit dozens of homes and businesses. The sheriff says surveillance video from a farm led them to three of those thieves, but there could be more out there.

"We have worked near 100 break-ins and thefts in the county since the first of the year," Sheriff Marty Elliot said.

Elliot says those thefts led to him and his men camping out in barns and garages throughout the county. The thieves were targeting trailers, electronics, and pretty much anything of value.

He says a theft from Caverndale Farms gave them the break they were looking for. Surveillance video from a theft there on July 23 led them to arrest three people.

"Right now we have them on one burglary, and from that one burglary it appears there's going to be near 60 felonies that are going to come out of that arrest," He said. "Anything from fraudulent use of a credit card to the break-in itself."

36-year-old Shannon Lawhorn, 33-year-old Jamie Hatfield, and 25-year-old Tiarra Bradshaw are expected to be charged in connection to multiple burglaries in Boyle County. He says the three had a list of areas they had hit, and areas they planned to hit.

That led the sheriff's office to contact police in Casey and Lincoln counties where the group could have been active.

Elliot says the increase in thefts in his county can be attributed to one main cause.

"The three people involved in this have admitted to us that they are heavily involved in narcotic use, especially into heroin."

More arrests could be coming as police continue search for other thieves.

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