Police say troubled relationship could be motive over double murder-suicide


Questions still loom on why a former Knox county judge could take two lives and then his own.

"You have to feel a lot of grief for both families. It is just a tragic situation," said Bill Oxendine, the Knox County PVA and friend of Raymond Curtis Smith.

Oxendine knew Smith since the former judge-executive was a teenager.

"I saw him as a positive individual the whole time I knew him," he said.

Police say 51-year-old Smith was in a relationship with Robin Smith. They believe Raymond Smith was angry over how it ended and that could have been a motive behind the shooting that injured the 21 year old, and killed her father and brother at their Laurel Lakes Road home near Pineville Tuesday morning.

"It doesn't matter, a crime such as this, whether it happens in California or Massachusetts or Idaho, anytime a life is taken it is tragic," said Oxendine.

Relatives say Robin Smith is now in stable condition. The young woman and her sister were athletes in high school, where their former coach said Robin's brother was her biggest fan.

"Chelsea (Robin's sister) 's brother would post her stats, and Mychael would stand on the sidelines and cheer," said Russell Thompson, the former Pineville and current Middlesboro girls basketball coach.

Smith is expected to recover and relatives say she suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs. She is being treated at the University of Tennessee hospital in Knoxville.


The first call brought police to a home on Laurel Lakes Road in Bell County where they found the bodies of Michael Smith, 50, and his son Mychael Dustin, 21.

"There's no reason for it, other than someone being cold-hearted and taking lives," said Sabrina Cox, a friend of the Mychael Smith.

Mychael Dustin's sister, Robin Smith, 21, was airlifted to the University of Tennessee Hospital in Knoxville.

Robin's sister, Amanda, told us Wednesday that Robin suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs, but she is now in stable condition at UT hospital.

Cox says she was friends with Mychael Dustin in high school. "He was a really good writer. And an artist that's what we did together in school," said Cox, about Mychael.

Piecing together what happened in Pineville is the challenge for state police. They say former Knox County Judge-Executive Raymond Curtis Smith, 51, came to the home in Bell County and shot the three, then drove ten miles to Knox County where his father is buried, and shot himself. Authorities tell us he was taken to Knox County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Smith served as Knox County Judge-Executive from 2002 to 2006. It's no secret his time in office was troubled. Smith was convicted of federal mail fraud for filing false paperwork to cover up that companies, controlled by him and his family, were doing work on public projects instead of companies actually awarded the bids. Smith served more than two years in prison. He was released in 2010.

Friends say they're having difficulties knowing that a father and his son and daughter where the victims of such violence.

"I mean through his pictures seems like he loved his kids. Never would have expected anything to happen to any of them like that," said friend Sara Davis.

Raymond Smith was not related to Michael, Mychael, and Robin Smith.

On Wednesday, Kentucky State Police say they believe they have found a possible motive in the shootings. They tell us Robin Smith and Raymond Smith were in a relationship. They say she ended it about a month ago, and that Raymond was upset about the break-up.

People that knew Raymond Smith well say the 51 year old, after he was released from prison, was focusing on a business that he and his family operated.

Police tell us autopsies on Michael, Mychael, and Raymond Smith are expected to be completed Wednesday.

Investigators say former judge wasn't happy over how relationship ended.

Robin Smith

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