Montgomery Co. students arrested on drug charges

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police locked down a central Kentucky high school, looked for drugs and it all ended with three students being arrested.

The Montgomery County Sheriff says they found marijuana in cars parked outside Montgomery County High School on Friday.

“When we picked the kids up from school, they didn’t say anything about it but that’s kind of troubling too that they didn’t say anything,” said Dawn White, who has two kids at Montgomery County High School.

The sheriff says it wasn't long after the school day started when the high school was put on lock down, allowing officers and K9s to search the premises for illegal substances.

In the school's parking lot, they hit their mark when they found marijuana in two of the student’s cars.

“With the action police took, its positive reinforcement for the school system in Montgomery County,” said Ralph White, another parent we spoke with.

Officers arrested three students total two of which are juveniles but officials say the other is 18-year-old Lucas Wilson.

Wilson was booked a short time later in the regional jail and charged with possession of marijuana.

“I think that’s a good thing that they have the police on campus and they were able to get word of people who have drugs and arrest them and keep them out of the hands other students,” Dawn White said.

White has two kids at the high school and hopes this incident serves as a reality check for other students.

We reached out to the Montgomery County School Police Friday night but they told us they could not comment on the matter until Monday.

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