Three wolves escape from wildlife refuge in Jessamine Co.

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An unusual escape put people living near a Jessamine County wildlife refuge on edge.

Workers at Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge near Nicholasville say three wolves managed to get loose.

Right off of busy Highway 27 in Jessamine County sits the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge -- a rescue center for animals ranging from coyotes to cougars but on Wednesday morning, three of those animals got loose.

“I got a phone call 6:30 in the morning from a neighbor reporting that there were two wolves in their driveway. I went up the hill to check on them and we were missing three,” said David Fuller, Co-Owner of the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge.

Three full-grown wolves, around 80 pounds each, were soon seen wandering around the area.

“There was a school bus driving by and three kids poked their heads out the window and told me that there was a wolf chasing them. Sure enough, there were two trotting up there behind them,” Fuller continued.

He says this is the first time that animals at the refuge have gotten loose, but these wolves did so by digging underneath a broken gate.

But on Thursday, after missing for about 20 hours, two out of the three wolves were rescued.

“We managed to get one in this pen. It was about four hours to get her so that we could transport her across the property.”

A few hours later, a second wolf was recovered near a home a half mile down the road.

On Friday, employees at the wildlife rescue and animal control employees were primarily focused on finding the final wolf and getting it safely back to the refuge.

The wolves that escaped have now been moved to kennels with concrete floors, making it impossible to get out.

Employees at the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge say if you happen to encounter a wolf, you should not approach it.

Instead, they say it's best to immediately notify animal control.

If you’d like to learn more about the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge or donate to their cause, visit their website at:

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