Three arrested in connection to homicide

Police have arrested three suspects in connection to a homicide case out of Boyle County.

Michael Begley, Junior's body was found near Taylor Road in Boyle County the day after Thanksgiving. The coroner ruled Begley died of strangulation.

On Wednesday, police arrested three people from Danville: Jordon White, Gina Priest, and Melissa June.

White is charged with reckless homicide and tampering with physical evidence.

Priest and June face tampering with physical evidence charges.

But Begley's mother isn't satisfied with the charges.

"I sit on the couch and look out the window all the time waiting for him to walk down the road, and I just know it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen, but it don't hurt to look," said Anna Begley.

She heard the news the day after Thanksgiving that her son, Michael Begley was found dead, along a Boyle County Road.

"It's just hard for me to get through. I'll probably never get all the way through, cause that's how close me and my son was."

Police say Begley was with Melissa Luna, Jordan White, and Gina Priest at Priest's home in Danville the day before his body was found.
Police say Luna and White tried to break up a fight between Begley and Priest, his ex-girlfriend.

Police say Begley was knocked out. Then Luna, White, and Priest tried to drive him to his home in Lexington.

Police say Begley woke up on the drive and started to fight with the others.
They say White choked Begley causing the injury that later killed him.
Anna Begley says she was always wary of her sons relationship with Priest.

"Him and her fought all the time. Then she had him arrested, and he got out and they got back together and I told him to stay away from her. She was just going to have him put back in jail. But instead, you see the results. I no longer have a son."

She's also upset that murder charges were not filed in the case only white faces a reckless homicide charge.

"If they come up and say it was an accident, and they did it by accident, I don't believe that. I don't."

Police say Begley was still alive when he got out of the car and walked for a while before dying from his injuries.

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