Thursday night's storms cause damage in Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Thursday night's storms caused damage in Madison County, uprooting trees, and damaging buildings.

Madison County Emergency Management says they haven't received many damage reports, but there were a couple.

We talked to a Madison resident, Ricky Conn, who has spent about five years putting up a garage to keep his antique cars and camper safe.

During Thursday night's storms, though, the end wall proved to be no match for the gusty winds.

The wind came in through the door and pushed on the wall until it finally gave way, scattering the blocks across the yard. Conn wasn't home at the time. A neighbor saw the damage and sent him a Facebook message asking him what happened. That's when he rushed home and saw the damage. He says he had been planning to put on doors and a ceiling, but those will have to wait as he works to get the wall repaired.

There were also reports of uprooted trees and downed power lines in Southern Madison County.

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