Tires stolen, vehicles left on blocks in Wolfe and Morgan Counties

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WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - In three days, three cars have been hit in two counties and it's the type of crime that investigators say really adds up.

"This is the most crime, like this, since I've been Sheriff," said Wolfe County Sheriff Chris Carson.

It's a crime that takes time, yet in Wolfe County, and in neighboring Morgan County, someone is on the prowl.

"In the last three nights, we've had three vehicles hit," explained the Sheriff.

Car break-ins are one thing, but in this recent string the thief or thieves are aiming lower.

"These people, here, go to bed at night and they don't expect to get up the next morning and all of their wheels and tires are gone off their vehicles," answered Sheriff Carson, adding that it's happening just feet from where the victims are sleeping.

"I slept in that room right there, and the amazing thing is how quiet they were. They were so quiet! I didn't hear a sound," reacted Ruthann Hall, whose grandson's truck was the third case.

"He's done a lot of work on it," continued Hall, but after Wednesday night he'll have to do a little bit more.

"I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to do. What could you do?" said Aaron Tolson.

"I hope they're done here, because they don't want to come back," Hall said more as a warning.

Investigators are hoping the thief, or thieves, are done too, because a fourth in four nights would be far too many.

"We'll attempt to try and catch them, but there's not that many of us," explained Sheriff Carson in a call for help from the community.

Investigators say there is a report of a possible silver or gray truck seen in the area of the last theft, but otherwise they don't have much to go on.

The Sheriff said one of the victims has already replaced the four tires on his vehicle, and the total added up to well over a thousand dollars.

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