Child nearly hit by stray bullet, police make big discovery while responding

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Lexington Police say an investigation on Emerson Woods Way led them to a large drug bust.

Officers say they were initially called to the home on Emerson Woods Way after a 4-year-old girl narrowly escaped getting shot while standing at the bathroom sink.

"She came in here to fill up her sippy cup and we heard a big explosion," explained the child's mother, Tatiana Potter.

Potter says her daughter, Jazzy, ran out of the bathroom and it took she and her husband several minutes to figure out there wasn't an explosion at all. What they had heard was a bullet coming through the bathroom wall.

Potter and her husband found the shell and bullet hole. They called police. They also confronted their neighbor, 29-year-old Justin Lynch, who lives next door.

"He said he was trying to clean it and it went off. It went through the both fences, through the garage through the closet, through the bathroom," Potter said while pointing out how far the bullet had travelled. "From what the police officer said, his vest wouldn't have even stopped that bullet, so we were lucky it didn't hit her."

After Lynch admitted to police the shots had come from his house next door, investigators found guns and marijuana inside a locked bedroom in his home. Officers also spotted mail addressed to Lynch at a home on Lane Allen in Lexington. Officers asked him about that house and they say he fessed up to growing pot there. Upon investigation, police say they found more than 50 plants growing there.

"He was trafficking. We didn't know anything about that," Potter said. She continued "You never know your neighbors; fully know them and what's going on inside their house."

Potter says she's just glad her daughter was not hurt.

Lynch faces several charges including drug charges, wanton endangerment and trafficking.

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