Toddler, two adults hurt in Corbin meth lab fire

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials tell WKYT that the injuries are not fire related, but instead from inhalation of chemicals from a meth lab.

The two women charged in this case spoke to our crews at the Knox County Jail. One said she was only at that apartment to get back her wallet and cell phone, the other says she lives in a different apartment and was only coming to help.

The meth lab fire that sent police and firefighters to the apartment on Jones Road started around 4 a.m. Norma Brock says she was going there, because her wallet and cellphone had been stolen and she heard someone at the apartment had them.

"About three doors before I got to the apartment where I was going, I heard a big 'kaboom', I went ahead and knocked on the door, didn't hear nobody, and by the time I pushed it open, about four guys came running past me," Brock told us Tuesday.

Neighbors could smell something was wrong.

"It was strong, it was a smell I hadn't ever smelled before, it wasn't like regular smoke," Anna Chaffin, a neighbor said.

When police arrived, they charged Brock and Edward Cosgrove with charges related to making meth. Brock says she doesn't know Cosgrove, doesn't live at the apartment, and when asked why she didn't wait until daylight to retrieve her property she says she was worried about becoming the victim of another crime.

"I was worried about identity theft, my name being ruined, everything I own in my wallet being destroyed," Brock continues.

Police also charged another woman, Barbara Morrison, with third degree child endangerment. She says she lives below the apartment that caught fire, and only went up there to help, not knowing any of the people involved.

"She started screaming 'come and help me get my stuff out', I went upstairs to help her, then I said hurry up and get out of there," Barbara Morrison said from jail Wednesday.

Morrison's three year old granddaughter followed her. She says the toddler stayed on the steps of their apartment, and eventually had to be taken to the hospital, to be treated for exposure to chemicals. After that, Morrison was arrested.

"Meth on a baby and screamed at me and me trying to say 'hey buddy, you don't know what you're talking about'," Morrison continues.

"All she was coming to do was help me put it out, she didn't know i didn't live there," Brock says.

The apartment where police say they discovered the meth lab has been quarantined until the chemicals have been cleaned. The neighboring apartments were evacuated for about an hour until crews determined it was safe to return.

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