Together, female chefs cooking up cancer awareness

Lexington has become sort of a culinary mecca with new places to eat popping up all the time.

Thursday March 13, you have the chance to sample offerings from six of the top women chefs in Lexington and support a great cause at the same time.

WKYT's Amber Philpott is talking food and female power in the kitchen in this month's Talk Pink.

When she was 40, Shannon Collins decided to become a chef.

Collins is sort of in a league of her own, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that about a fifth of chefs or head cooks in the U.S. are women.

"There are so many of us out there. I don't think people realize that for every successful male chef you see, be it on television or whatever there are a ton of us back here working it everyday," said Shannon Collins.

Collins is Day Chef at Azur Restaurant in Lexington. While looking for a little female equality in the kitchen, an idea was cooked up.

"We were just talking about it, how great it would be to get all these people together and have a dinner together for fun, women in the kitchen rocking it out."

Thursday March 13, Azur Restaurant and Food News and Chews TV will host the first Women Chefs Dinner series to highlight women in the kitchen.

A portion of the proceeds will also benefit Susan G. Komen, something that was personal for one of the chefs and a way to make a statement.

" I saw it as perfect because its a parallel to women chefs not being visual, not being seen in the kitchen and breast cancer being so undiagnosed everywhere."

The six course meal, prepared by the all female lineup will focus on superfoods that can help fight cancer.

"So we have tried to take foods that are generally healthy foods and tweaked them just a little. Give them a little step up there. Its nice, fancy and you feel treated and spoiled with foods that are good for you."

The night will be all about awareness both for the growing number of women chefs in the kitchen and a disease that can affect so many of those women.

The Women Chefs Dinner Series will start Thursday night at 6pm at Azur Restaurant.

Women Chefs Dinner Series
Thursday, March 13th at 6pm
Cost: $85 per person plus tax/gratuity
Reservations: 859-296-1007

Participating Chefs:

First Course: Amy Harris, Jonathan's at Gratz Park
Second Course: Ranada West-Riley, The Lexington Diner
Third Course: Vanessa Wilhite, Gigi's Cupcakes
Fourth Course: Ouita Michel, Holly Hill Inn, Wallace Station, Windy Corner, Midway School Bakery and Smithtown Seafood
Fifth Course: Shannon Collins, Azur Restaurant
Sixth Course: Toa Green, Thai Orchid Cafe

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