Lexington tornado sirens get upgrade

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Lexington, KY- Severe weather season brings with it that familiar sound of the tornado siren.
Here in Lexington, the siren system has gotten an upgrade.
It’s used to alert folks who are outside during severe weather like tornadoes, thunderstorms and chemical and other community emergencies.
The updated sirens have newer, more reliable electronics and loudspeakers.
"Electronics, they’re no different,” said Steve Jackson, with LFUCG Emergency Management. “They wear out, they get old and they become dated. It’s hard to get parts, so we try to keep up with that and the new electronics, the new sirens, are more reliable.”
Masterson Station, Garden Springs, Gainesway, Woodland and Kirklevington Parks all now have upgraded sirens.
Some of the older ones were dated back to the 1970's and were constantly under repair, according to Jackson.
This new system will also allow residents to receive emails, voice or text messages.
An announcement on how to sign up for Fayette County specific messages will come later this summer.
Since these sirens are used to warn folks who are outside, in addition to alerts on your phone, emergency management urges you to have NOAA weather radios on hand for indoors during severe weather.

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