Tornado survivor finding joy this Christmas

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Signs of the damage from the deadly March 2nd tornado are still visible in East Bernstadt; a clearing where a home once stood, trees still sideways, and debris scattered all around.

"It's been rough just trying to get your life back together," described Christine Goss, a victim of the deadly tornado.

Goss lost her home and everything she owned that day, and the images of the damage still haunt her.

"What I saw was probably the worst nightmare of my life," she explained.

While it's been nine months since that devastating day, Goss says this Christmas has to be the most special of them all!

"The fact that I'm here, I'm alive."

Even in her new home, she doesn't have to look far for reminders that this Christmas season is one to remember.

"This one, right here, is my granddaughter's. It was her first Christmas decoration. And then, I have one, also, that is my son's. That was very special, I got (it) when he was two-year's-old," she pointed proudly to her tree.

The ornaments were scattered in the brush behind her home and they were the few items that she was able to recover.

"If I hadn't found anything else, those four items were the most precious to me. Those were the part of me that I could say I get to keep a part of me, I got to keep a part of my life," Goss said fighting back tears.

So this Christmas, this survivor is looking to spread the holiday cheer.

"I love decorating during the holidays!" she exclaimed, "There are people out there that may have not been as blessed as me, so I wanted to at least give them a taste of joy with the decorating of Christmas."

While 2012 may have brought on destruction and devastation, Goss is still choosing to find joy this Christmas.

"I just extend my arm out in love to those who lost family during the tornado, may God bless them during this time."

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