Tornado victims receive new help to rebuild

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There's still a long road to rebuild all that has been destroyed in Morgan county. But, with the Governor's continued support, people are starting to plan for the future.

Governor Beshear stood before a crowd in West Liberty today nearly three months after the tornadoes tore through town.

"I know it may sound strange to anybody that hasn't been here since March 2nd. But things really look better. Things look a lot better. And we've made progress, says Beshear.

The Governor stood on a concrete slab on North Main Street that was once a convenience store that belonged to John w. Clark.

"It's cost us a lot of money because of what has been lost. But you adjust and you work through," says Clark.

Despite his loss, Clark is making a $1 million dollar investment to rebuild a new gas station and convenience store that is expected be bigger and better than the one before.

"Never had any hesitation what-so-ever. We were going to build back on the small piece of property that we had," Clark adds.

The Governor signed three different bills designed to help tornado victims. House Bill 255 will provide a sales tax rebate for people like Clark.

"The sales tax, the six percent tax , with all of the materials and things that go into this, the tax is probably going to amount to $60-$70,000 for us," Clark says.

Clark hopes that his reinvestment in Morgan County will encourage other people to do the same.

The new gas station and convenience store is expected to be up and running within ninety to one hundred days.

Governor Beshear also signed Senate Bill 55, which will allow for emergency responders to help across state lines when necessary. He signed House Bill 421, which provides further assistance to those rebuilding. This bill also provides protection to property owners when dealing with insurance estimates.

Governor Beshear promised continued support for those living in Morgan County, "We're going to keep working with folks here, locally. As they put their lives back together and put the structures that they need for their lives to be put back together."

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