Tourism, businesses expect banner weekend with Lake Cumberland back to full levels

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Tourism officials say motels are full...marinas are expected to be busy, the weather is good and the lake looks great for the start of the holiday weekend.

Parts of Lake Cumberland known to attract large crowds over holiday weekends have been virtual ghost towns for 7 years. Party spots like "76 Falls" haven't been used since the 2006 season.

"Nothing, you couldn't go. nothing there. You couldn't drive your boat," said Audrey Beyers, who was visiting the lake with her family from Anderson County.

Beyers is among the many welcoming higher lake levels and a lot more water..water that finally touches the tree line. Some on the lake were met with financial disaster....and JD Hamilton of Lee's Ford Marina says it almost happened to him.

"8 out of 11 Marinas went out of business. We went through a chapter 11 re-organization. We just got out in January," said Hamilton, among the many marina owners who spent or borrowed millions to move their docks to deeper water, and then back again when the lake was restored.

Hamilton says many who left Cumberland to rent slips on Norris Lake, Laurel Lake, or Dale Hollow are coming back.

"Even had a guy whose boat was in storage for seven years and he rented a slip. It is just amazing the positive buzz on what this water coming back has done for the image of Cumberland. To hear people when they come down. Everyone forgot how beautiful it really is," Hamilton said.

If you would like to get an up close look at the dam that holds back the massive lake, the US Army Corps of Engineers is now offering some limited tours of the powerhouse. Below is information submitted by the US Army Corps:


Wolf Creek Dam will be open for tours this summer:
May 24
June 21
July 5
Aug 16
Sep 6

All those interested must fill out a background check form and return.

For more information:

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