Police radio tower falls on parked cars in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An auxiliary communications tower fell to the ground at the Lexington Police West Sector Roll Call building on Wednesday morning. The tower is used to rebroadcast radio signals throughout the city so that officers are sure to have good coverage. Officers said the loss of the tower wouldn't have an impact, though, because they have so many of them.

"I've been here for 28 years. I've been in Lexington for about 30 and this tower's been here as long as I can remember," said Sgt. Scott May of the Lexington Police.

Today, though, much of it is mangled on the ground of the parking lot. Something knocked it down just before 10:00 Wednesday morning. Police say there was an officer sitting in a cruiser nearby who got quite a shock.

"Obviously the loud noise that he first heard and then looking back and seeing all the cars that were damaged," said May.

Several cars were hit. Some with some serious damage.

"We've got six cars damaged and it ranges from just a couple of minor scratches all the way to pretty serious almost totaling damage to the cars," May said.

The tower was blocking the way in and out for Lexington Streets and Roads workers. Firefighters cut it up so they could get through. Police are thankful no one was hurt. They say it easily could have been a different story.

"This is actually a very busy little section of the area. The streets and roads are always in and out with the vehicles and of course they're probably getting ready for tonight's weather so we're very fortunate that there was nobody in direct line of this and Only the cars got damaged," May said.

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