Town goes on lockdown after deadly Danville robbery

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Friday's deadly robbery in Danville has people in the community on edge. WKYT talked with people there who say they are concerned for their families and neighbors as police search for the killer.

There were tense moments throughout the town of Danville Friday morning. Several places were on lockdown and some people were told to stay indoors, and it's all because of a manhunt for a shooter. Helicopters were circling and police were parked outside of schools. It wasn't like any other day in Danville.

Laura McCandlass is a sophomore at Centre College. She says, "It was kind of hectic."

Aliisa Roe is a freshman, "Our hall was a little frantic."

And Edwina McDowell is a concerned parent, "I never dreamed that this would happen."

Schools, businesses ,and the greater downtown of Danville were all shutdown.

Roe says, "It was a very serious matter. We needed to stay indoors."

It was a ghost town as we searched for people to talk with about what was happening.

McDowell says, "I've never seen everything shutdown in Danville at one time. And I've lived here 34 years."

Scary doesn't quite cover it for parents with kids in school, unable to take them home.

McDowell says, "It feels like someone is ripping your heart out almost because you're not right there with your kids. You don't know what's happening with them."

As we talked about the fear of it all minds quickly switched to the realness of what had occurred.

McCandlass says, "It's a sad time for the community in Danville."

The town has returned to normal and back to daily activities as police tell us they continue to investigate.

There are still several questions surrounding this case.

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